Treat your employees to great food

Since 2016, CaterSpot has been providing full-service lunch programs for innovative companies. Delicious food arrives delicious and on time.

CaterSpot can serve your employee breakfast, lunch or happy hour meal program.







How it works

Meals are delivered on-time at the designated eating area. You can also opt to have a CaterSpot staff on-site to set up and distribute meals.

3. Eat time!

Your team logs in and can pick their meals or view planned meals.  Admins can view drafts of the plan and invite manage team members.

2. Order meals on the app

Your account manager plans the meals, taking into account your team's tastes, dietary restrictions, budget and serving style. Meals can be centrally planned or choose to. let employees pick their meals.

1. Your meal plan

This Week

Individual order delivery

  • Each employee views food items on CaterSpot's app or online, and orders for themselves
  • 1-4 different restaurants each day, with over 50 menu items to choose from
  • Meals are labelled with each employee's name
  • Delivery fees are a flat daily rate
  • Pay for all or part of your employee's meal cost

Buffet Catering

  • Full-service buffet set up with warmers and tables
  • Option to add staff to serve the food so everyone gets equal portions
  • Caterer staff handles setup & cleanup
  • Reliable and consistent service experience

Drop-off Catering

  • Family-style meal
  • Food dropped off at scheduled time and location
  • Employees serve themselves
  • Option to have CaterSpot staff members stay on-site to handle setup, cleanup, and make sure the overall event goes smoothly

Ways we can delight your employees

Why CaterSpot is the #1 Office Lunch Provider

CaterSpot designs employer paid food programs to suit any office. We understand your team's unique food preferences, allergies, and restrictions and plan meals to keep everyone happy every day.

Customized for your team

Do you prefer ordering lunch online? Our portal is simple to use. Do you like talking to a person? Our account managers are the best.

Convenience on your terms

We use the most sophisticated technology to make sure your deliveries are always on time.

Deliveries you can trust

No more time wasted on managing terms & payments to multiple suppliers.

One monthly invoice

We'll build a program around your budget so that treating your office to lunch is within reach. Show your employees how much they're valued without breaking the bank.


We’ve partnered with over 400 top restaurants and caterers to deliver meals that suit every diet, appetite and budget.

Variety of vendors

CaterSpot also offers a fully-customized catering solution specifically tailored to your company. We can cater to breakfast, lunch, dinner or any special event – our enterprise catering solution is designed to meet the complex needs of your enterprise. Whether you’re feeding a team of 100 or 1000+ employees, CaterSpot can manage your corporate food program with unparalleled quality and variety at scale.

Enterprise Solution

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