The Singapore Meal Support Program

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Use CaterSpot to send individually packaged meals & snacks to your local hospital or affected community. Every $ will help a local restaurant too!

Help by donating food to people who need it right now:

1) our healthcare heroes pulling the long hours and night shifts

2) foreign workers being housed in dormitories

3) elderly community members 

By purchasing a meal support package, you are sending quality meals, pantry staples and snacks from our vetted restaurants & caterers, straight to the people who need this support.

Some of the participating organizations


Meals donated to frontline staff / vulnerable communities


Hospitals, nursing homes, dormitories & charities we are working with

Mission Accomplished!

Thank you for all of your individual & corporate donations! We fed over 2,000 meals to hospital workers, nursing home staff, and foreign worker dormitories during the Circuit Breaker.

How it works

You decide the donation amount and pick the recipient: healthcare workers or others in need.


Donations are now closed.Thank you for your support!

Each day, team at CaterSpot creates food packages based on the donations received and the need particular recipient has expressed.

The order is dispatched to one of our catering suppliers who prepare the food / assemble the pantry baskets and deliver to recipients.


What type of meals are being sent?

We will send hot or refrigerated / ready to be frozen single serve meals ($10-$15 each depending on the meal and supplier), fruit & veg baskets ($40-$100 depending on size), snack boxes ($30-$100 depending on size and variety) and pantry supplies. The individual orders are formed depending on the preferences of a particular recipient (e.g., certain hospitals elected to receive snacks for their staff, while others prioritised hot meals for night shifts).

Can I place a specific order for my money rather than just giving a cash donation?

If you want to donate over $500, you can contact us at and our customer care will help you to create a specific order for a particular recipient (e.g. specific hospital). For donations less than $500, unfortunately there is no opportunity to create a dedicated order, as your donation will need to be aggregated with other contributions before we could place an order.

Where specifically does my money go?

With your contribution, it works the same way as it would work if you were to place an order for yourself at CaterSpot website. CaterSpot creates an order that gets sent to a catering or pantry partner. The partner prepares meals / assembles pantry box and delivers it to a recipient. The recipient will receive teh full value of the donation in either catered meals or pantry items. Our catering partners and CaterSpot accept a regular margin from each order, to cover the cost of our labour. Both CaterSpot and our catering partners are small businesses which have taken a very hard hit from COVID-19. In that sense, part of your contribution also helps small businesses in food industry to stay afloat and keep people employed.

Will I get the receipt of my contribution? Is this considered a charity donation for tax purposes?

We will provide receipt for each donation. However, unfortunately this is not considered a charity donation as CaterSpot is not a registered charity organisation.

Bring Meal Support Plans to Your Hospital / Charity / Relevant Institution

Tell us if your organisation would love to be a recipient

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