COVID-Safe Office Lunch Program

Take care of your employees as they return to office with a safe & flexible lunch solution with food that is safely prepared, reliably delivered, and individually packaged. 

Your employees order in to avoid crowded elevators & long restaurant queues and get lots of great restaurants (curated by safe food prep standards) to choose from each day. Companies choose to subsidize the meals partially or fully. 

Why offer a safe lunch program for your Return to Office?

Affordable Office Perk

Provide a virtual food court as a perk to keep your teams safe and well fed, by subsidizing only $9.90 per restaurant per day for any size delivery. 

Easy Ordering

Employees order for themselves, in under a minute. They quickly can grab their meals & eat in designated safe areas.

Reliable & Safe

Individually packaged meals are prepared by curated vendors that adhere to safety measures & are bulk delivered safely at a designated place & time.

In your control

You can also choose to subsidize the meal partially or fully if you'd like your employees to pay less.


Employees order & pay for their meal via our mobile app

We rotate restaurants daily and offer loads of local favourites. We learn your employees’ preferences, so we can include more of the restaurants your people love, and none of the ones they don’t.

The app handles online payments for your employees to pay for their individually packaged meal with lunch options ranging from $5-18/pax. We work with 350+ of the best restaurants and hawker stalls in town. 


Food is safely prepared & delivered

We partner with restaurants who agree to comply with all COVID-19 safety regulations, including daily food preparer temperature checks & wearing PPE.

CaterSpot facilitates a safe & contactless bulk delivery, limiting external exposure to your office.


Meals arrive to designated Pick-up Point

Meals arrive to a designated pick-up point in your office, or dispersed pick-up points to minimize crowding.

Meals are individually packaged and labelled with each person's name so it's easy for employees to grab & go or sit and eat - whatever works.

Also available: add on an on-site coordinator to distribute meals to desks


Everyone pays the right amount

Meals can be company-paid, partially subsidized or paid fully by employees. Employees can pay their portion right on the app. 

Delivery fees and company-paid contributions (if any) will be billed to your company in a consolidated invoice. 

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