Office pantry management solutions

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Why companies love CaterSpot's Pantry Program

1 vendor, many suppliers

We work with 50+ pantry suppliers to bring you the best variety & pricing as well as streamlined operations. You save the hassle of sourcing, managing & paying many suppliers.

We handle everything

Our service takes care of your entire pantry program - from planning, ordering, receiving deliveries to managing inventory, analytics and employee feedback.

Smart Tech

Get access to a dashboard where you can view scheduled deliveries, inventory, consumption and allow your employees to give feedback.

(coming soon)

Analytics & Reporting

We use data to optimize your spend and inventory levels. You'll also receive reports on your monthly spend, consumption and wastage.

On-Site Staff

On-Site Coordinators help your office snacks program run smoothly, managing everything from delivery and regular replenishments to reporting inventory levels to your account manager.

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated account manager handles your ordering, incorporating your requirements & feedback, to ensure your office is always stocked with the right items.

Whether You Have 50 or 5,000 Employees, Our Pantry Programs Can Feed All Sizes & Budgets

Enterprise Pantry

For large enterprises with high spend and may have multiple floors or locations.

Lite Pantry

For companies with small spend who want to use their own staff to do on-site activities.

Standard Pantry

For small and mid size companies who want a full service pantry management solution.

How our Pantry Program works


Set up

Your dedicated account manager will curate a master item list of items from our 50+ pantry suppliers based on your past orders, team feedback, and our own suggestions of popular items & trends.

They can also help with sourcing equipment to set up your new pantry like chillers, shelving, coffee machines and more.






Your Account Manager will do all the ordering and scheduling of deliveries based on your budget, preferences, consumption data, and feedback.


Deliveries & Inventory

Your dedicated CaterSpot On-Site Coordinator staff will spend a few hours per day at your office:

  • receiving the deliveries
  • organising your stock room
  • replenishing snacks and drinks in the chillers and shelves
  • doing a weekly inventory count
  • getting feedback from your staff


Data & Optimisation

Your Account Manager monitors your pantry consumption and performance to optimise future ordering and your spend.

You'll receive a monthly performance report with insights into your spend and consumption behaviour.

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