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Now you can stock your office's pantry with CaterSpot's pantry supplier network.  From the basic tea & biscuits to popular & trendy snacks, find it all on CaterSpot.

Browse items from multiple pantry suppliers

Set your delivery time & order online

Items are delivered

to your door

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Delivery in office hours from 10:00am – 6pm

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Consolidate all your pantry & catering needs into one master vendor

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Centralize your office catering & pantry needs into one master vendor 

Everything your office pantry needs in one place

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Looking for a Managed Solution?

Upgrade or outsource your Office Pantry Program and 

spend less time ordering snacks and more time enjoying them

Corporate Account

No minimum spend

  • Order online
  • Corporate billing
  • 1 consolidated bill


Monthly spend over $2,000

  • Account manager handles your ordering
  • Consumption reports
  • On-site tablet for employee ratings & feedback


  • Account manager handles your ordering
  • Consumption reports
  • On-site tablet for employee feedback
  • On-site coordinator for inventory management

Monthly spend over $2,000

Custom Program

  • Tell us your requirements
  • We'll set up a customized pantry management for you

Monthly spend over $15,000

You'll love our services

Easy online ordering

  • Find & compare a wide variety of Pantry Suppliers 
  • Add your most-ordered items to your favourites 
  • Easily re-order past orders
  • See your upcoming & past orders on your account 


Find the essentials you need along with the snacks you love & new ones to try!  Don't see an item you're looking for? Let us know and we'll see about adding it.

Account Manager

A dedicated account manager handles your ordering, incorporating your requirements & feedback, to ensure your office is always stocked with the right items.

Employee Ratings

You no longer have to field all of the requests & complaints from your team on what to order. We can offer an on-site tablet so your employees can rate the pantry experience, suggest new items, or give feedback & ideas. 

On-site Coordinators

On-Site Coordinators help your office snacks program run smoothly, managing everything from delivery and regular replenishments to reporting inventory levels to your account manager.


Your account manager will send you a regular report on your monthly spend, consumption of food types & most and least popular items.

We've created a smarter pantry program for your company

“We love working with CaterSpot, the food is on time, and always goes over very well with our team. Thanks for making my job easier.”

Elin, Netflix

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